Specialty printing products, supplies, and service

Brooks Duplicator Company, based in Houston, Texas, sells specialty printers, supplies and service. Create your own full-color posters, banners, presentation materials, awards, stickers, ID badges, name plates, educational materials, and other large visuals.

Since 1964, Brooks Duplicator Company has provided the equipment to help schools, universities, law firms, corporations, manufacturing facilities, architects, and retailers bring specialty printing in-house. Get convenient, easy-to-use, on-demand printing solutions for a fraction of the cost of a print shop

Hand pressing button on a printing and scanner to show use by Brooks Duplicator.

unmatched customer service

Support whenever you need it

Brooks Duplicator Company has a long history of best-in-class support services. From purchasing through installation and maintenance, we provide every support service needed.

For your convenience, we have knowledgeable staff to answer questions and assist you with equipment supplies and service. Our service technician has over 30 years’ experience, and is Canon trained and certified. With 50 years of business experience, we can take care of all issues pertaining to the products we sell.

TOp of the line equipment

for all your visual needs

Brooks Duplicator Company provides the right equipment to meet all of your visual display needs. With our equipment and software, you can easily prepare, print and protect beautiful signs, banners, posters and large visuals.
Full color scale of print inks for Brooks Duplicator printers laid out for study.



Ink Tanks for Canon iPF6series and iPF7series Printers


Paper, vinyl, and other media for Large Format Poster Printers,


Supplies for hot and cold lamination processes


Cartridges and Print Heads for iPF6 and iPF7 series


Scanners, artist software, and banner stands